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Intercon conversational programming

Built-in conversational programming for quick part creation without a

CAD/CAM system or G&M-code knowledge.

From print to part in minutes

  • Quickly create part programs right at the control 
  • Easy “fill in the blank” menus  
  • Graphical help menu with math assistance for missing dimensions 
  • Software automatically generates the G-code
  • Check work instantly with 3D tool path graphics 
  • No knowledge of G-codes necessary  
  • Drill, bore and tap

Lathe Conversational Programming.

Fill in the blank: Profiling, Threading, Grooving, Facing, Turning, Tapering, Drilling and Tapping, Auto Chamfer, Line, Arcs, Cutoff, and more..

Automatic profile cleanout, Intercon automatically creates the roughing and finish passes you just enter in the final dimensions.

Help screens for all the common turning cycles, just fill in the dimensions.

Graph you work as you go. Creates the G codes for you.

Graphical Preview
• Preview and step through your part program before cutting
• Easily identify and correct over travel events
• Accurately estimate actual job run timeStop and start the preview at any point
• Eliminate wasted time and material by confidently producing perfect parts on the first program run


Fast, menu driven part & tool setups