Part/Fixture Probing, Inspection, Positioning & Alignment

  •  Simple push button, menu driven Probing Cycles
  •  Eliminate edge finders, center finders, bore gauges, gauge blocks and complex calculations
  •  No G or M-codes to memorize • Drastically reduce setup time and errors
  •  Inspect parts before removal from the machine
  •  Align fixtures & parts to the machine in seconds
  •  Set part zero locations (WCS) automatically • Rotate Coordinate System to match part or vise
  •  Available on Tryax machine tools 

Seamlessly integrated into the control CENTROID CNC Probing is easy to use. Graphical Probing cycle selection with no G or M-codes to memorize, there is no learning curve. Pick the cycle required and the probe does the rest. More accurate than setting up machines by hand, Probing eliminates human error, specialty tools and complex calculations. Improve the accuracy of machine setups while decreasing setup time. Set part zero locations (WCS) accurately in seconds, locate off vise, fixture, or stock. Measure part features before, during and after machining and verify dimensions before removing from machine. Use in conjunction with Coordinate System Rotation to align the machine to parts or fixtures, which is particularly useful for hard to fixture parts. 

Outside Corner
BoreSlot & Web

Vice AlignmentInside CornerBoss

Automatic Probing cycles for every task. Inside corner, Outside corner, Bore (diameter and center location) , Boss (diameter and center locations), Slot (width and center location), Web (width and center location), Single edge (X,Y,&Z). Find angles and set them square to the machine coordinate system. Produce better parts with less effort, Probing has endless applications, you’ll wonder how you every lived without this tool.