• With your Tryax milling machine or VMC Digitise and replicate shapes.

Digitising allows you to use your milling machine or router to automatically copy 2D contours and 3D shapes. Seamlessly integrated into the CENTROID CNC control, digitising parts is simple with the fill in the blank menus. Endless applications for reverse engineering, reproducing Molds, Patterns, Plugs, Cylinder Head work, Machinery Cams, EDM electrodes, and any free form shape.

Two types of probes are available the DP-4 and the DP-7

The DP-4 is a mechanical trigger type probe and the DP-7 uses an advanced non-mechanical triggering technology. The DP-4 is suited for all types of probing and digitizing that does not require very long styli. The DP-7 is an ultra accurate probe design that retains is accuracy even with a long styli. The DP-7 is also more accurate (talking tenths here) than the DP4 when using short styli as well. So to make a decision on which probe that fits your type of work; use the DP-4 for all around job shop type work (part and fixture probing, 2D/3D digitizing) and use the DP-7 for 3D/5D digitizing and probing work when ultra fine accuracies are required especially with a long styli.

  • Perfect for Mold and Pattern making, any CENTROID equipped milling machine or router can CNC digitize.

Mount the probe in a  tool holder and install in the spindle, the probe plugs into the control with no setup hassles or RF limitations. In the CNC control menus select the type of digitizing you want and enter in a work envelope size and the resolution you'd like to record and press the cycle start button, the probe automatically traces the surface and records the X,Y,Z positions with no operators attendance needed. Once the digitizing is complete you can immediately machine an exact copy or create roughing and finish passes for use with different size tools with our own Mold Magic or with most any other CAD/CAM system. Mastercam, Vectric Aspire, Surfcam to name a few.

  • From the bottom of the photo to the top: The original, the reproduced part (in wax) and G code backplot graphics of the digitizing data that was automatically created by CENTROID's CNC Digitising directly on the milling machine that cut the part. The data you see on the screen is un manipulated raw digitizing data generated by the control, no cad/cam was used in this example. However if more extensive editing to the shape is needed it is easy to export the data to a CAD/CAM system for further editing. 

Note: Files can be transferred to other TRYAX machines as well. So you can digitise on one machine and cut the digitised file on multiple machines at the same time for mass production.
CNC Video: CENTROID 3D CNC Digitizing turns a TRYAX mill into a copy machine.
Copy and replicate complex 3D shapes, cut immediately or export data to CAD/CAM.