The Tryax  TY30-VS ushering in a new era for diamond cut alloy wheels.



A cost effective way in to the very lucrative Diamond Cut

 alloy wheel Refurbishment market  

STAGE Fast  PROCESS ......

Just PROBE & Diamond CUT !   

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Fast Affordable & Easy to Use


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The TY30-VS Diamond Alloy Wheel Lathes Offers You: ..........

  • A cost effective way in to the very lucrative diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment market
  • Mint Alloys are the UK appointed sales and service agents for the TY3040 Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheel Lathe machine
  • Latest technology Diamond cut alloy wheel machine.
  • Automated self plotting Digitizer, The software does that hard part for you
  • Easy to use
  • Easy wheel mount system, no need for multiple mounting heads for different wheels
  • Compact size compared to other lathes capable of handling alloy wheels, so will not take over the workshop
  • Designed to handle alloy wheels, so you don’t pay for features that you will never use.
  • Fully automated, no need for staff to understand and use G code that some other machines use thus reducing the possibility of costly user errors
  • UK based technical training and mechanical  and software support service 
  • Free demonstrations available by appointment
  • Fully CE compliant

 Options include..

High Speed Probing.. 

Even with standard digitizing the TY30-VS offers the fastest probing in the industry, the enhanced hardware/software option can further reduce digitizing times by 100%.


The Enhanced ultra-fast digitizing option , probing  a typical 20” wheel in less than 3 minutes resulting in valuable savings in time for maximum wheel throughput.


Take images of wheels and link with a wheel profile with this rugged machine mounted camera. Integrated seamlessly into the software with simple auto focus, just touch onscreen button when ready to capture image. Every time a wheel profile is loaded to be cut if an image of the wheel exists it is displayed on the screen allowing the operator to verify they are about to machine the correct wheel

 Raid Data Pack...


An option to upgrade to the Raid Data Pack which can store wheel profiles to two separate Solid State Discs. This provides additional security for your valuable wheel profile library.